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How To Get Auto Insurance After A DUI In

Plainfield, New Jersey.

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Acquiring auto insurance in Plainfield, New Jersey, is not a complicated as you

imagine, even if you have a DUI on your record. Indeed, it may influence your auto

insurance quote, but you could still find affordable insurance.

We offer you the best rates and consultations at Shands Agency to enable you get

protection after a driving infraction. To ensure you save some coins, we advise you

to get full coverage; (includes both collision and comprehensive coverage) to fully

protect you in case of an accident. Keep reading to learn tips on how to get and

save on DUI auto insurance.

How Long After DUI Before I Can Get Cheaper Auto


You would have to wait about 2-10 years. Yes, it takes quite a while because a DUI

is a severe violation. In most cases, a DUI is issued when a driver seems to have

ingested excess liquor.

There is a legal limit of alcohol a driver is to consume before driving. This is

because intoxication due to liquor can cause the driver to act under the influence,

thereby endangering other innocent motorists. DUI’s has proven to cause several

fatal accidents.

Most credible insurance companies in Plainfield would not offer auto coverage to a

driver with a DUI record in the last ten years. Furthermore, they may charge as

high as the rates they provide for two-fault accidents. The DUI auto insurance

quote can be equivalent to 6 points!

The above illustration shows how critical a DUI record is and how extreme

insurance agencies interpret it. Many drivers have had to live in guilt and pay huge

amounts of money to get coverage. Some find it difficult to get insurance agencies

that they can entirely rely on for coverage.


However, at Shands Agency, we partner with the best insurance companies in Plainfield, New Jersey. In addition, we offer great prices and support even after a DUI. Contact us and speak with an agent today!

DUI Auto Insurance Tricks To Reduce DUI Insurance Rates In Plainfield, New Jersey

Here are sustainable strategies to save funds on auto insurance

  • Look around for agencies that partner with multiple insurance companies; they

offer the best deals that would favor you.

  • Owning multiple insurances from the same company opens opportunities for

discounts packages.

  • If you carry a full-coverage plan, your coverage limits can reduce. Full

coverages are expensive, but they protect you from out-of-pocket expenditures.

  • An increased deductible can lead to future premium savings. With a good DUI

auto insurance company, both a deductible and liability limit can reduce the

financial burden after an accident.

Choosing an inadequate liability limit and your deductible transfers the financial

responsibility of an accident to you, so be sure you understand the coverage limits

you are selecting. You should contact us now for professional guidance.


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