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How To Decrease Your Auto Insurance Rates After A DUI In South Plainfield, New Jersey

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Most insurance companies view drivers with DUI as having high-risk potential and

would rather not get involved with them. In fact, cheap auto insurance after a DUI

is rare. However, you can utilize some tricks to pay less for auto insurance such as

signing up for paperless billing! Read this article to learn about other strategies

and save money on your DUI auto insurance.

Ways To Reduce DUI Auto Insurance Rates In South

Plainfield, New Jersey

Non-Standard Insurance Agency

The best way to find a cheap DUI car insurance rate in South Plainfield after a DUI

is to contact an

expert car insurance broker

. They represent and partner with

different auto insurance companies. The quality of you getting cheap auto

insurance after a DUI is high because of the numerous quotes they offer.

Small Insurance Company

Minor regional companies offer better rates after DUI, unlike famous big firms.

Other discount tips include;

Subscribe for automatic monthly payments and paperless billing

Maintain your policy for at least six months and pay upfront

Do your research before policy renewal to ensure your insurance company has

the best rates for you.

Maintain a good driving record (no tickets or accidents)

How Long Does A DUI Affect My Auto Insurance?

In most scenarios, a DUI stays on your driving history for at least three years. We

have found some companies that review your driving history up to the last 5 years.

After a DUI violation, some states will require you to keep an SR22 for three years,

increasing your monthly premiums.

However, you do not require an


in New


What Kind Of Issue Can Arise After A DUI?

A DUI violation can remain on your driving history for up to 10 years or be

permanent. In such cases, you could have problems getting employments that

involve driving. When you get jobs in the delivery or goods transportation sectors,

the company may not add you to their business auto insurance. It is because you

can cause an increase in their premium.

Other problems that can arise due to a DUI are;

You can be asked to pay a fine of about $1,000

In severe cases, you may serve jail terms of ten days to one year. If you killed a

motorist during the Dui accident, you could be charged with a more intense

prison sentence.

However, you can get affordable auto insurance after a DUI in South Plainfield,

New Jersey. Do not attempt to drive without insurance, as you can compound your

problems if caught. Contact the

Shands agency

today and get cheap DUI auto

insurance quotes


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