Dance in Your Pajamas as NYC Legalizes Marijuana

March 31st can actually be dubbed as the highest point in New York City’s history. Governor Cuomo’s administration gave a nod of approval to the substance which is synonymous with Lord Voldemort in terms of taboo. It is marijuana, no kidding! Makes a great headline, right? But the finer points of this bill still need to be highlighted before NYC goes full crazy and starts having joints instead of coffee in the morning! And that’s what this little piece will attempt to achieve as well!

From the Annals of History

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the bill under discussion, it is worthwhile recapping the attitude of this city towards cannabis in the years that have gone by. Scrolling through the chronicles of cannabis makes quite a gripping read. Between 1927’s prohibition to 2021’s legalization, there are years of partial decriminalization and legalization studies that kept the beautiful gift of cannabis away from citizens of NYC. One almost feels for those poor chaps who were arrested and penalized for possessing minutiae amounts of the substance in the early 1900s. But we know they are happy up there today!

Will the Business Boom


It says recreational but the other group looks happy too! And when we say other group, we mean the medical cannabis industry in NYC that has been smoking, oops spending, millions of dollars in the campaigns promoting cannabis as the wonder pill. No wonder they are happy, the legalization paves their way to expand the cannabis cures everything campaign at an exponential level. And since the 2014 legislation already allows practitioners to recommend medical marijuana as a probable cure, you can expect the number of patients turning in to increase only from now onwards. Right now, NYC has 10 companies operating as medical cannabis operators. Like any other business group, the recreational marijuana market is certainly a more lucrative option. It is expected that these companies will jump into the fray immediately given the fact that there is only a one-time entrance fee.

Wins for NY!

The medical cannabis industry is not the only entity feeling jubilant ever since Cuomo scribbled his signature on the bill under discussion. According to the governor’s office, the adult-use cannabis industry in a vibrant hub like NYC can create more than 50,000 jobs easily. It is pertinent to mention here that the bill allows only 21 years or more old adults to enjoy cannabis on a recreational basis. The NYC administration is already under an immense bit of pressure to allocate more funds for the betterment of the sections of the city that have been victims of the marijuana prohibition injustice. There is no other way to see this bill but as a ray of hope in a city that was previously engulfed in the shadows of marijuana over-criminalization!

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