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Make Cannabinoids Work in Favor of You

Cannabinoids are over 480 compounds found naturally on the Cannabis sativa plant. From all this group, around 66 are named cannabinoids. The two most famous compounds of this group are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). The first group (THC) is the most important psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. While the second one is estimated to make 40% of the plant resin extract.

The effect of cannabinoids on human cells

At the beginning of the 90s,' a substance from the brain that binds very well with cannabinoid receptors had been discovered. This scientific discovery led to deeper research on this topic and now we have a considerable amount of information regarding this issue. Now we know that on the surface of the central nervous system are some special cannabinoid receptors. These receptors interact very well with the cannabinoid compounds. And this way these substances interplay with our brain.

Based on this information, we now know what the effect of cannabinoids on our brain is determined by the area of the brain involved. If compounds will attach to the limbic system, this may lead to some kind of memory and psychomotor performance impairment. In another hand, if these substances would affect the mesolimbic surface the outcomes would be that the pain perception and the pleasure areas will undergo into e change.

When cannabinoids will work in favor of YOU?

The active substances found in the Cannabis sativa plant are somehow the same as those chemicals the human body produces to help the good functioning of memory, appetite, movement, and pain. Extensive research has been done to study the positive effect of cannabinoids on human health. Scientists are after pieces of information on how these substances are favorable for the human race. Some of the important facts where cannabinoids will produce positive effects are listed below.

  • Reduce anxiety,

  • Treatment of seizures of patients with Epilepsy

  • Cancer cells impairments,

  • Pain reliever,

  • Control vomiting while in chemotherapy,

  • Help people with sleep problems,

  • Positive effect on patients with multiple sclerosis,

  • Restore appetite.

In order to make cannabinoids work in favor of you. You should be able to formulate a relationship based on honesty and openness with your physician. This will make your treatment open to new and innovative ways which would easily lead to better healthcare.

The positive effect of cannabinoids with the COVID19 fight

With the global time of the Covid19 pandemic, the whole scientific community has raised their concerns about finding treatments against this virus. Vacines from companies in different part of the world have been already into use.

Some researches done in the US with the cannabis plants have revealed some interesting information. Cannabinoid compounds inhibited infection with the serious acute respiratory syndrome of the virus. Studies done at the University of Chicago showed the effect of CBD and on blocking the SARS-CoV-2 replication in lung cells. In another hand, CBD also inhibited viral gene expression and reversed many of the effects the virus has on host gene transcription.

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