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Master Your Weed Growing Skills in 3 Minutes

People often ask "What is the best method to grow weed?" It's not a matter of whether or not you can grow the Cannabis sativa plant, because it is easy and everyone can do it. We all called it "weed" for a good reason: it can grow almost anywhere. This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Either way, if you want to undergo this fun and rewarding experience. Living in an apartment or having no backyard is not an excuse.


Weed is a warm-season annual, meaning it thrives in temperate climates and its living cycle continues only for a year. So, if you have planted cannabis this year, and you have harvested the goods. Eventually, next year you will need to replant again. Okay, now follow me and you would master growing weed skills in just three minutes.

You must first decide whether you want to grow the plant indoors or outdoors before you begin. See the pros and cons of both ways in the text below.

Indoor weed cultivation

What you first need is a designated room for your plants which will be more expensive than growing outdoors. You have to know up-front that the electricity bill will grow exponentially because you need to keep all those fans and lights running.

In another hand, the advantage you will receive is that you can cultivate cannabis all year long. Since you will not be relying on the sun or the seasons or if it gets too hot or cold. This is super important with the climate change our generation is experiencing. The other benefit you will have with cultivation indoor is that the potency and consistency of indoor are well-known.

Outdoor weed cultivation

When deciding to cultivated weed in the outside space, it could be either your garden or some property you own. It is important to find the right space with enough sunlight during the growing season of the plant. Make sure you have calculated all the aspects since this plant will emit a strong odor as it develops, this smell with being rising in intensity during the flowering stage.

Growing marijuana outside is better for the environment because the photosynthesis will be done with the energy coming from the sun. The duration and the intensity of the sunlight should be for at least 6 hours a day, with a temperate climate during that time. That is why, when you decide which plot to use for growing this plant, it is important to check the amount of sunlight coming to that place.

Growing plants in the open air are the most cost-effective way of cultivation, so expect a lot more weed when it's time to harvest.

Growing stages of cannabis

From seed to harvest, marijuana's development stages can be divided into the following categories:

  • The process of germination (3-10 days)

  • Plant a seedling (2-3 weeks)

  • Vegetation of the plant (3-16 weeks)

  • The process of flowering (8-11 weeks)

The process of germination

The seed is the first step of marijuana planting. A premium cannabis seed should be medium to dark brown in color. Be aware of undeveloped seeds that are squishy and green in color. These seeds will not be able to germinate, therefore you should be very careful when choosing the seed you want to plant.

You will know that your seed is ready to be planted into a substrate when the germination process has happened. It will know that is happening when the stem of the seedling will grow upward in the direction of the light.

Plant a seedling

Cannabis sativa plants are classified as seedlings before they produce fresh fan leaves with the maximum number of blades. The color of a stable seedling should be bright green.

In this stage, be careful not to overwater it since its roots are small and very fragile.

Vegetation of the plant

Cannabis' vegetative period is where the plant's growth really takes off. This is the time when your plant has been replanted into a pot. We see tremendous growth among the roots and leaves.

As the plant grows, be sure to increase the irrigation quantity for the plants. This will help roots to spread outward and develop fully.

The process of flowering

The flowering process of a Cannabis sativa plant is the final stage of growth. Plants begin to grow buds at this time. Eventually, at the end of the flowering life cycle, buds will flourish the fastest. You will know it is time to harvest your weed plant when the buds are fully matured.


When you have decided to know marijuana, there is nothing stopping you anymore. You either going to grow this plant indoor or outdoor. It will not be a problem as long as you follow the steps explained below.

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