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Plainfield New Jersey dollar a day auto Insurance

NJ Dollar a day car insurance coverage

The NJ SAIP insurance policy is incredibly limited in the coverage it provides therefore, it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for most drivers.

The Dollar a day policy covers:

  • Emergency Treatment, including ER care for the policy holder, immediately after the accident.

  • Further medical treatment for critical brain and spinal cord injuries to the SAIP.

  • In case of tragic death in a collision, your family would be paid a $10,000 death benefit which is the average cost of a typical funeral.

Due to the limited coverage of dollar a day car insurance, in most accidents the policy holder is responsible for the costs of:

  • Non-emergency and continuing treatments that don't apply to your spinal cord or brain. However, policy holders can request coverage through Medicaid.

  • Injuries to other parties, in the event that the policyholder is involved in an accident and at fault. If another driver or injured party sues you, your SAIP insurance would not assist with any legal costs.

  • The damages done to other's property in an accident where you were at fault.

  • Damage to your vehicle or other property, no matter the cause.

Considering the fact that the only people eligible for SAIP car insurance are on Medicaid, meaning individuals in particularly low-income families or with disabilities, there's a possibility you would have trouble affording any of the above costs if involved in an accident.

The Shands Agency suggest that you contemplate another auto insurance policy, such as New Jersey's Basic or Standard policies, if at all possible.

Cost of New Jersey SAIP insurance policy

NJ SAIP insurance costs:

  • $365 per year by making two payments of $182.5, averaging out to $1 a day.

  • By preference, if you pay for the full amount at once, the cost is just $360 or $30 per month.

Compared to other policies, the cost of a SAIP policy is much cheaper and does not vary based on your driving record or other criteria since the program is funded by the state.

On the other hand, considering that the cost SAIP insurance is already low, there aren't any ways to get an additional discount on these auto insurance policies.

The NJ SAIP insurance only covers one vehicle per family, for this reason if your family requires two or more vehicles you would have to purchase an additional policy per vehicle. This is the only time in which SAIP insurance would cost more.

Get dollar a day insurance with The Shands Agency

The National Continental Insurance Company is the insurer that writes dollar a day auto insurance policies, but SAIP coverage can be purchased from most insurance company agents in New Jersey, including The Shands Agency, located on 311 Park Ave Plainfield, New Jersey.

Find out today if you are eligible to purchase a SAIP policy by presenting your driver's license and Medicaid identification card.

The eligibility requirements to purchase dollar a day auto insurance consist of:

  • You must be an uninsured driver in NJ.

  • Members covered by the policy must be enrolled in a Medicaid program that covers hospitalization. You may qualify for Medicaid but that doesn't automatically make you eligible to purchase SAIP car insurance.

  • Your driver's license and registration must be valid and in good standing, otherwise you will not qualify for dollar-a-day insurance.

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