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The Cannabis Saga: A New Chapter Unfolds in Nevada

The Problem

Ain’t it heart-breaking when you cannot share the thing you love with your beloved ones? We know some of you reading these lines love marijuana to that extent. And if by chance you are a Nevadan reader, well we know how you feel about all the restrictions. For those who are not aware of the fact already, you cannot consume marijuana anywhere in Nevada except in your own home.

Yes, you read that right!

Can’t even have some of it at the dispensary selling it, that’s how bad things are right now.

A Legislation that Promises to Change Everything!

But hey, you might be in luck, our marijuana lovers from Nevada!

Nevada legislature is discussing a bill that will give the nod of approval to pot lounges. The words are music to your ears, we know that!

The Social Use legislation under discussion proposes that two categories must be established as far as cannabis consumption in the state is concerned. These would be subcategories created under the main category of consumption lounges, the categories being retail and independent. The nitty-gritty of the legislation can wait, for now, the more important thing to gauge the impact it will have on the cannabis culture in Nevada. There are many angles to approach this approximation, let us pick one as an example. Tourists. All those travelers who were left soaked in disappointment previously upon discovering that there is nowhere they can consume marijuana now have a reason to smile. All that they have to do is book a taxi and go enjoy the pot in groups in a public lounge nearby them. Imagine the impact it will have on the state’s attraction value in the cannabis community!

We Know you have Questions!

Nevada has every right to go oh mama! But there are a few wrinkles that need to be sorted out ASAP so that the idea of cannabis lounges in the state materializes soon. The biggest challenge right now is financial. Does the state have enough pennies in its pocket for this project? Well, you can rest assured that there would be some if not many lounges operational soon enough in the state, given that the legislation gets a nod of approval. Another important question is about the regulation of these lounges, who would be responsible for their maintenance? The answer to this query is mentioned in the proposed bill itself since it proposes to authorize Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board for looking after these lounges.

Final thoughts

If this is not the most exciting thing you have read today, what else is it? Nevadans in particular can relate to our enthusiasm since they host millions of tourists annually. The legislation creates a new window of opportunity for cannabis investors and businesses as well since the bill will widen the consumption circle to an amazing extent. Folks, we know it still is a sketch, but given that the right colors are used to paint it, this could turn out to be an amazing portrait that every state would love to hang in its lounge!

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