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What Makes a Good Cannabis Dispensary?

Before cannabis became legal for recreational use in the United States and many other countries globally, it was difficult for consumers to find high-quality cannabis. However, with the legalization wave going on, cannabis dispensaries are flourishing left and right. This has allowed the mainstream cannabis consumer access to a wide variety of options.

Although cannabis dispensaries are relatively costly to start and run, they are profitable. We’ve compiled a few attributes a good cannabis dispensary should have to guide you as you open your own.

1. Knowledgeable & Sociable Staff

Like all other businesses, having a knowledgeable and sociable staff is a priority in order to set your dispensary apart from the multitude. Customers will often walk into a dispensary with no idea of what they’d like to buy. Other individuals may come in and ask for the shop’s recommendation right away. For that reason, it’s important to have well informed and accommodating budtenders on board.

Your staff should be aware of all the different strains and products on your catalog, their effects, and how to consume each product. This will make it easier for them to recommend your inventory to customers when need be. If you sell clones and seeds, ensure someone with enough cultivation knowledge is on-site at all times.

2. Store Ambiance

The way you present your dispensary, your products, and staff plays a key role in order to succeed. Creating an ambiance for your store is a nuanced process that will incorporate many different aspects. Take into consideration the kind of music you will play, staff dress code, your dispensary's interior design, and even how your products will be packaged and organized.

You could also go all-in on the lighting and go for a system that creates a cozy and homely atmosphere. Many customers tend to be attracted by great aesthetics- if you sell premium, high-quality products to go along with them, you may build yourself a long roster of long-term customers.

3. A Broad and Comprehensive Product Catalog

Assuming that you’re looking to establish a dispensary that will attract prospective customers and keep them coming back, you will need to ensure you’re offering a wide variety of cannabis products.

Most customers prefer to find all their preferred products in one shop, rather than hopping from store to store. Therefore, you should have a purchasing manager in tune with what the masses want and the products and strains that are in high demand at any time.

4. Setting Competitive Prices

Cannabis dispensaries are some of the more common businesses in the cannabis industry. Most of these dispensaries sell cannabis and cannabis products online, giving the average consumer access to many different, convenient options.

Therefore it's essential to come up with customer discounts and prices that will give you a competitive edge over other dispensaries. You can also set up a customer rewards system to appreciate your most loyal customers, giving them branded merchandise and paraphernalia such as ashtrays, lighters, and rolling trays.

Opening Your Own Cannabis Dispensary

Above all, you must posses an insurance policy in order to open any type of business. The Shands Agency offers insurance to cannabis dispensaries. The Shands Agency is located on 311 Park Ave Plainfield, New Jersey. There exist several regulations and hindrances to opening a cannabis dispensary. For one, most banks don’t offer their services to such businesses, thus making it hard to handle finances. However, with a lot of planning, dedication, and direction, your dispensary may just become the new spot on the block.

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